How Kubernetes Stateful Data Management Can Work

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How Kubernetes environments might be able to offer hooks for storage, databases and other sources of persistent data still is a question in the minds of many potential users. To that end, a new consortium called the Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) was formed to help organizations find the best ways of working with stateful data on Kubernetes.

In this latest episode of The New Stack Maker podcast, two members of the group discuss the challenges associated with running stateful workloads on Kubernetes and how DoKC can help.

Participants for this conversation were Melissa Logan, principal, of, an open source and enterprise tech marketing firm, and director of DoKC; Patrick McFadin, vice president, developer relations and chief evangelist for the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database platform from DataStax; and Evan Powell, advisor, investor and board member, MayaData, a Kubernetes-environment storage-solution provider.

TNS Editor Joab Jackson hosted the podcast.

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