The Advantages and Challenges of Going ‘Edge Native’

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As the internet fills every nook and cranny of our lives, it runs into greater complexity for developers, operations engineers, and the organizations that employ them. How do you reduce latency? How do you comply with the regulations of each region or country where you have a virtual presence? How do you keep data near where it’s actually used?

For a growing number of organizations, the answer is to use the edge.

In this episode of Makers, the New Stack podcast, Ron Lev, general manager of Cox Edge, and Sheraline Barthelmy, head of product, marketing and customer success for Cox Edge, were joined by Chetan Venkatesh, founder and CEO of Macrometa. The trio discussed the best use cases for edge computing, the advantages it can bring, and the challenges that remain.

The podcast was hosted by Heather Joslyn, features editor of The New Stack.

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