What to Expect at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon

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It’s that time of the year again, when we gather to discuss all matters related to Kubernetes and the other assorted tooling necessary to make cloud native computing happen.

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon will be held in Los Angeles next month, October 11 -15.

A key difference at this year’s event — the first onsite event from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation since the beginning of the pandemic — is that the flagship cloud native conference will offer a much more significant virtual experience for those unable to travel to the venue in L.A..

The virtual aspect of this year’s KubeCon+CloudNativeCon “is expected to continue indefinitely,” Priyanka Sharma, general manager, CNCF said in this edition of The New Stack Makers podcast. Sharma was joined by conference co-chair Jasmine James, who is the Twitter developer experience lead and manager for engineering effectiveness. They discussed this year’s schedule and agenda, how it will all compare to KubeCon+CloudNativeCon of years past and general cloud native trends. TNS Editor-In-Chief, Joab Jackson, hosted this episode of The New Stack Makers.

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