The return of Tory sleaze

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Rishi Sunak promised to draw a line under the scandalous Boris Johnson era when he became Prime Minister, but Tory sleaze seems here to stay. He is facing serious questions over the integrity of his party after a succession of allegations against senior figures.

Anoosh Chakelian, Freddie Hayward and Will Dunn, the New Statesman’s business editor, try to figure out what's going – from Boris Johnson’s loan allegedly facilitated by the BBC chairman Richard Sharp and his million-pound donation from the businessman Christopher Harborne, to the investigation into Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs.

The team discuss Sunak’s political naivety and ask whether the stories are bad only for the government or, in fact, tarnish all politicians and parties.

Then in You Ask Us a listener asks why campaigners keep calling for all sorts of new protected characteristics under the Equality Act.

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