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Film critic Clarisse Loughrey and film programmer Anna Bogutskaya, American Horror Story super-fans, discuss and dissect every episode of AHS, from the very beginning.

To round off the end of the rewatch of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Clarisse and Anna invite you to the totally objective, hyper-specific Dandy Awards, sponsored by Mott Frozen Goods.

Featuring such suitably trashy categories as the Dandy Award for Best Line, the Bomer Boner Award for Horniest Moment, the Dandiest Dandy Moment, Best Fit, Best Murder, amongst others.

Be warned: there are moments of sincerity.

Digressions include Lana del Rey being unnofficially part of the AHS universe, American Horror Story: Daddy, Elsa and Dandy's talk show, the costume design craft of tighty-whities.

We discuss the episode in detail, but will not spoil anything that lies ahead in this or future seasons of AHS.

Follow Clarisse on @clarisselou and Anna on @annabdemented

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