Flood Gates Open in UK with featured guest Leo Walton

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Co-Hosts Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger converse with Leo Walton, SUPERHOG Co-Founder & STAA board member.
"Freedom Day" has emerged in England this week with their pandemic restrictions being lifted across the board in one big wave.
Everyone in the hospitality industry is of course looking for things to get back to "normal"... but at what expense?
Leo gives us his view on the current situation in the UK, Western Europe, and the US and we dive into how one must adapt in this ever-changing world. Challenges have allowed Superhog to pivot in ways that they might not have been looking for all while continuing to build trust with their insurance offerings to property managers, hosts, homeowners, and guests.
Additionally, we establish that there's no crying in football (soccer)... or is there?
The No BS Short Term Rental Podcast brings the right people to the table at the right time giving their audience an inside view and real take on the industry like no other.

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