Daily Habits and Life Updates with Cam Woodsum of Freedom is Everything | NOF#69

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The Nomad on FIRE Podcast | with Cam Woodsum | Episode #69 Shownotes

Guest Bio

Cam Woodsum is the creator of Freedom is Everything. Cam has been a digital nomad living off of the income from his passive income businesses since 2017! Cam was previously on the Nomad on FIRE Podcast back on Episode 59, if you missed that please check it out. Today Cam and I have a fun conversation talking about habits and giving life updates.

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Show Notes

  • Intro / Booking reoccurring calls 01:00
  • "Overall doing really well and happy with life in general, but I know that there's a lot more optimization that could happen on a daily basis" & Recent New Habits 04:20
    • Have Fun, Create, Learn, Relax & Outsource
  • Staying consistent with the basics- sleep, food, and exercise & cutting out the news & problematic content 14:00
  • 2nd Brain Concept & Journaling 21:20
  • Next 3 weeks new habits 30:15
  • Connect with Cam

Connect with Eric on social media or at Nomad on FIRE and check out the Nomad on FIRE Recommendations!

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