Episode 2: Humano ex Machina - featuring Peter Xing

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Join your hosts Mic, Caitlin and Lebo for Episode 2 as they take you through the latest news, developments and craziness in the VR space.
First up, Lebo takes us Down the Rabbit Hole with the latest news in the web3 world. Then Caitlin zaps us through the Top Dapps of the week. Next up, Lebo does her regular What the NFT? schtick to help us get a better understanding of this new language we all speak. The episode culminates with Mic in conversation with Peter Xing, the co-founder of Transhuman Coin and Transhumanism Australia. In addition to his work on many other industry leading initiatives, Peter also works as a Digital & Data Solutions Lead at KPMG, dealing with transformation initiatives in AI, automation and the metaverse; he’s a Singularity Group Expert on Transhumanism and Emerging Technologies; and is an Executive Member of Science Party Australia, which has combined with progressive parties to form Fusion Party Australia.
Yup, the man is impressive, so this is a chat not to be missed!
See you down the rabbit hole!

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