Episode 4: Faux Leopard Skin - featuring Kadine James

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In this episode, Lebo takes us Down the Rabbit Hole to touch on hot topics like the Eth Merge; the $54 million DOODLEZ capital raise; how Starbucks and the NFL are getting in on the NFT game; and the big news that one of Africa’s biggest banks has just bought land in Ubuntuland.
Next up, Caitlin takes us through the top dApps of the week, including Gala Games, Polygon, Audius and Dogecoin.
Then it’s back to Lebo for her popular What the NFT? rundown, as she helps us better understand some of the jargon that tech experts love to use.
After Lebo, we enter the metaverse for a chat with Mambo and digital fashion doyenne, Kadine James. Kadine is regarded as one of the world’s top Web3 influencers and has pioneered cutting-edge creative platforms with brands like Yahoo, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Decentraland. In addition to crypto fashion, her scope includes digital art, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse production, avatar design and immersive storytelling that will evolve the next generation of interactive experiences for Web3. She is the founder of The Immersive KIND, a creative collective that explores the future of post-reality experiences, and co-founder of Aniseed, the world's first carbon-neutral NFT platform.

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