Episode 5: The Retail Metaverse - featuring Semblance World

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In this episode, Lebo takes us Down the Rabbit Hole and deals with hot topics like Disney and Marvel’s plans to release some of their IP as NFTs; how a CryptoPunk NFT just sold for $4.5 million; the Meta Quest Pro launch; Apple's greenlight of NFT sales in games and apps; and the big news that South African media giant Primedia is driving their assets into Ubuntuland.
Then Caitlin takes us through the top dApps of the week, including the Dubai Metaverse, Solana, ChainLink and RNDR.
After that, Mic chats to Badrriya Henry, the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Semblance World, a virtual world of brands where fashion can be exhibited, explored and experienced.
Then it’s back to Lebo for What the NFT? In this episode, she’s going to be taking you through the process of setting up a MetaMask wallet.
The episode ends with the Share the NFT Love segment, in which the team gives away cool merchandise, NFTs and allow-list spots.

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