Episode 7: AI in the Metaverse - featuring Mark Nasila

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EPISODE 7 IS HERE! Thanks to all of you who have been liking and subscribing to the Non-Fungibles show.
In this episode, Lebo takes us Down the Rabbit Hole as always – this time touching on some obscure, bizarre, slightly insane and other exciting topics, like how NFT start-up, OneOf has partnered with a seafood delivery service to create a NFT-based membership club; how a police raid in the US uncovered 3.36 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin hidden on a hard drive; the FTX Sam Bankman-Fried fiasco; and Africarare’s announcement that the highly anticipated 3D Normunda Tribe avatars will be launching soon.
Then Caitlin takes us through the top dApps of the week, like Sorare, which allows you to collect, play and win NFTs featuring NBA, NFL and MLB stars. She also covers Gods Unchained and its free in-game ownership model; Algorand - a decentralized network built to solve the Blockchain Trilemma; and Chainalysis – a US blockchain analysis firm doing incredible work in the crypto analysis and crypto safety spaces.
Then it’s back to Lebo for What the F*** NFT?
She’ll be taking us through what the term “Allowlist” actually means; as well as all the details that you need to keep up to speed with the Normunda Tribe launch.
Then it’s over to Mic, who has a fascinating chat with data science and analytics expert, Mark Nasila on AI in the metaverse.
As always, the episode ends with the Share the NFT Love segment, in which the team gives away cool merchandise, NFTs and allow-list spots.

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