Odds On: FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualification - UEFA European Football Betting Tips Picks & Predictions

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This is an audio version of our YouTube show. World Cup 2022 Qualification betting tips, picks, best odds and predictions. We’ve got the best betting picks and insight ahead of the international break. Hit ‘Subscribe’ to never miss our World Cup 2022 predictions & betting previews! We’ve picked the 10 best games across Europe this week to preview.Let’s take a look at what we’ve got to enjoy. Eduardo Siles is here to present Odds On. He’s joined by Daniele Fisichella to preview our top 10 games from this week’s European World Cup Qualifiers. There’s loads of other games but these were our favourite from midweek. For all the latest international football odds, head to http://oddspedia.com/football where you’ll find everything you need to secure your best bet. Here’s the show: 00:00 Introduction 01:30 Israel vs Austria betting tips and predictions 04:06 Netherlands vs Montenegro betting tips and predictions 06:51 Slovakia vs Croatia betting tips and predictions 09:24 Ukraine vs France betting tips and predictions 13:05 England vs Andorra of Ireland betting tips and predictions 16:21 Iceland vs North Macedonia betting tips and predictions 18:28 Germany vs Armenia betting tips and predictions 21:13 Belgium vs Czech Republic betting tips and predictions 24:30 Spain vs Georgia betting tips and predictions 27:05 Switzerland vs Italy betting tips and predictions 30:48 World Cup Qualifiers ACCA Please like this video, share and subscribe to our channel. Plus, make sure you don’t miss any of Oddspedia’s new content by clicking the notifications bell. Let’s connect: Facebook | facebook.com/oddspedia Twitter | twitter.com/oddspedia Instagram | instagram.com/oddspedia Podcast | poti.fi/3hY12IG Head to http://oddspedia.com now! #WorldCupQualifiers #WCQ2022 #BettingTips Denmark vs Scotland betting tips, picks & predictions Faroe Islands vs Israel betting tips, picks & predictions Latvia vs Gibraltar betting tips, picks & predictions Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan betting tips, picks & predictions Malta vs Cyprus betting tips, picks & predictions Moldova vs Austria betting tips, picks & predictions Turkey vs Montenegro betting tips, picks & predictions

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