A Case for the Fly Fishing Life, with David Coggins

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This week my guest is David Coggins [42:24], author of the new book The Optimist, A Case for the Fly Fishing Life. David is a traditionalist and I give him some good-natured ribbing about being an anachronism, but David handles it well and tells some great stories as well.

In the Fly Box this week, we have lots of questions and tips from listeners, including:

What is the best way to tie a fly for gar and how do I fish for them?

Why did I foul hook two trout in a row on dry flies?

What kind of rum do you prefer?

A great tip from a listener that rubber soles on wading shoes are far preferable to felt in the snow.

A tip from a listener that when urban fly fishing, make sure you look behind you as many people don't know you are flinging a hook through the air.

Do I need to worry about my rod and reel in a car-top carrier in the hot Georgia sun?

A tip from a listener on using heavier nymph hooks on foam dry flies to keep them from tipping over.

A listener asks me my preferences in fly-tying vise brands.

A listener asks about Orvis' commitment to diversity and climate activism and asks why we don't have a government relations office.

A suggestion from a listener for developing self-bailing waders

Why did I see a bunch of smallmouth bass jumping out of the water like crazy when there was not an insect hatch?

What can I do if I don't like a loop-to-loop connection on my leader?

How do I fish a bass popper in a fast-flowing river?

How can I get my crayfish pattern deeper?

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