Atlantic Salmon

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This week my guest is Neville Crabbe of the Atlantic Salmon Federation [39:13]. He tells us the details of a major project to eradicate smallmouth bass from the famous Miramichi River, one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world. We all love smallmouths, but they don't belong in this river system and were introduced by misguided anglers.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, including: How should I fish an emerger? Can I fish it by itself? Any tips on catching grass carp? What's on Tom's bucket list for destinations? Will packets of desiccant gel help keep my fly boxes dry? Will cracks in my fly line change its grain weight? Why do fish keep "bumping" my swung wet flies? Any tips for fighting trout in shallow water? Why do steelhead roll? What is that little ring on the back end of the Chubby Duo Hopper fly? What are the differences between the various trout species? When Tom fishes with guides, does he use his own flies? Will a two-handed rod help my casting when I have tennis elbow? What fly line should I use for fishing for carp, bass, and pike in 10 to 15 feet of water?

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