Back To Our Roots: Mental Health and The School-Based Role

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As OTPs we were taught that our profession was founded on providing a safe space for those who had a mental illness, and we were there to help them engage in occupations that were meaningful to them, yet we tend to forget the importance of this.

Today, we speak with Moni Keen to address her capstone research that addressed being an interprofessional team member and mental health in school-aged children. OTPs are often not seen as mental health providers, but we need to advocate and change that narrative.

Tune in to learn how we can advocate for mental health and how we can address mental health individually with our students and on a systems level.

Listen now to learn the following objectives:

  • Learners will identify reasons why mental health is not being addressed in schools
  • Learners will identify why OTPs are not labeled as mental health providers
  • Learners will identify mental health diagnoses of school-aged children and youth
  • Learners will identify and reflect on the causes of mental health issues among our students
  • Learners will identify how to advocate for mental health in OT
  • Learners will identify how to advocate for students on a systems level

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