Daniel Kaluuya Out for Black Panther 2, Emmys Surprises and Snubs, Lea Michele vs Beanie Fledstein

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On this episode of THE HOT MIC, Jeff Sneider and John Rocha talk Daniel Kaluuya Out for Black Panther 2, Emmys 2022 Surprises and Snubs, The Gray Man First Reactions, Beanie Feldstein vs Lea Michele drama, Miles Teller on Top Gun 3, Thor Love and Thunder spoiler review, Alden Ehrenreich in Ironheart, Amy Winehouse biopic, Mickey Rourke disses Tom Cruise, NOPE early tracking and more!
#Marvel #Emmys #Netflix
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0:00 Intro and Rundown
1:37 Daniel Kaluuya Not Returning for Black Panther 2
6:00 Beanie Feldstein vs Lea Michele in Funny Girl Broadway Drama
13:55 Streamlabs and Superchat Questions
16:50 Mickey Rourke Calls Tom Cruise "Irrelevant"
21:18 Milese Teller Talks Top Gun 3 Possibility with Tom Cruise
24:20 Emmys 2022 Surprises and Snubs
32:00 Why Were This Is Us and Yellowstone Snubbed?
34:58 Streamlabs and Superheat Questions Part II
39:46 The Gray Man Early Reactions
43:01 Samara Weaving in Scream 6, Netflix TUDUM Event Announced, Alden Ehrenreich Cast in Ironheart
50:30 Ana de Armas Gets Emerald Fennell as a Screenwriter on John Wick Spin-Off
54:05 Streamlabs and Superheat Questions Part III
56:06 Thor Love and Thunder Spoiler Review
1:01:46 Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts Tribute
1:03:53 Amy Winehouse Biopic Selects Sam Taylor-Johnson to Direct
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