WWE Summerslam Preview and Predictions, AEW Dynamite Reactions, Jonathan Gresham vs Tony Khan

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On this special episode of STRONG STYLE, The Outlaw John Rocha, Aaron Turner and Chris Burns give their preview and predictions for WWE's SummerSlam happening tonight! They also give their reactions to AEW Dynamite, Jonathan Gresham and Tony Khan having a fallout, the return of Zoey Stark to WWE NXT, NJPW and Stardom announcing the creation of IWGP Women’s Championship, and they'll battle it out over some SummerSlam trivia!
Every week, John, Aaron and Chris discuss the biggest news in the WWE, AEW, IMPACT, NWA, NJPW, and Ring of Honor.
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0:00 Intro and Rundown
2:20 NJPW and Stardom Announce a Women's IWGP Championship
12:20 Reactions to Dwight Howard's WWE Promo
15:26 Jonathan Gresham and Tony Khan Fallout
34:18 Zoey Stark Returns to NXT
42:14 AEW Dynamite Results and Reactions
1:01:11 WWE Blowing Lacey Evans Second Run
1:03:57 WWE SummerSlam Predictions
1:21:57 WWE SummerSlam Trivia
1:25:00 Streamlabs and SuperChat Questions
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