Life in the Fast Brain

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In the past year or so I've realized we have 2 brains, a fast brain and a slow brain. The fast brain is great for getting things done and taking care of business, but the downside is its really hard to turn the fast brain off and cruise into slow brain. And technology, with its ready-made offerings of endless surface-level distractions doesn't help. So what is the slow brain? Slow brain is that place you go when in order to get the most out of an activity you have to pump the brakes and let your brain slow down to match pace with what you're doing. Reading, playing music, painting, meditating, taking a walk...anything that farces you to disengage from the info stream and concentrate on what you're doing.

I've gotten really bad at getting into slow brain activities over the past year or so and I think my relationship with my technology has a lot to do with it.

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