TPJ 93: 10 Ways To Feel Less Overwhelmed As A Mom

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Do you feel overwhelmed by your life at home with young children? I’m a mother of 5, I run my own business, I homeschool part-time...I have a lot on my plate (and I’m sure you do too).

It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed! But we’re not helpless. There are things within our control that can make a big difference and reduce the overwhelm in our lives.

In this episode I’ll give you 10 tips to help you reduce the overwhelm.

[00:52] #1 Declutter

[02:37] #2 Create storage systems

[03:58] #3 Clean as you go

[06:01] #4 Batch your cooking

[08:03] #5 Develop consistency & routine

[10:18] #6 Buy things in sets

[12:05] #7 Store similar things together

[14:21] #8 Create a family color pallette

[16:36] #9 Get clear on your vision

[17:53] #10 Put systems in place

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