Bishop and Bureauquacks Push the Vaccine

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In this video, you will learn what happened at the recently advertised “Community Zoom Chat moderated by Bishop Timothy Freyer.”

The event included Catholic parents submitting questions beforehand through the Zoom invite, and then given an email to ask another question.

The whole thing was a lie. The “community Zoom meeting” was not moderated by Bishop Freyer, who basically said little apart from assuring the attendees that “the Holy See” and “the US bishops” teach that the Covid 19 vaccine is safe and effective, etc, etc.

The person who sent the invitation by Twitter, Dr. Erin Barisano, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orange, CA. She appeared on the Brady Bunch-like video screen but said nothing.

No, the whole event was a sales pressure tactic with the obvious aim of breaking parental “vaccine hesitancy.” No questions or input from concerned parents. Just the same fear-mongering, manipulative deceptions we’re come to expect from Fauci and his sock puppets.

Not a peep about vaccine injuries, the swamped VAERS website. Only arrogant speech-making.

Why is the Diocese of Orange linking arms with the corrupt bureau-quack Clayton “fake Ph.D.” Chau, or the president of the local American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Kate Williamson, whose group advocates for abortions and transgender ideology for minors behind their parents’ backs? Who is paying who and why for this hard sell?

Catholic parents in the Diocese of Orange need to wake up. Our leaders (sic) do not have our children’s actual health and best interests in mind.

Read and watch this episode here:…push-the-vaccine/

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