#237: Amorous Leticia: The Gay Trojan Horse—John Gravino

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“Amorous Leticia” is what my voice text recognition typed out once when I said, “Amoris Laetitia” (the 2016 Apostolic Exhortation by the man formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio ) and it stuck.

There is a lot of talk today about the German bishops as the culprits of false sexual liberation and the rejection of the Catholic sexual ethic. This week’s guest, author John Gravino, says the Germans are simply representatives of the universal Church since the release of Amorous Leticia, which codifies the central errors of the infamous 1960s-70s dissenters. Many dots connected!

In this Interview You Will Learn
  • The names of the dissenters and what they held and rejected
  • How AL, especially Section 8 and its footnotes, cannot be reconciled with Veritatis Splendor by St. John Paul II and other previous Catholic moral teachings
  • How AL uses the term “irregular” as a proxy for accepting virtually any sexual sin by rejecting the notion of intrinsic evil
  • Why “moral norms are exceptionless” cannot be reconciled with the teaching of Pope Francis
  • How you can draw a straight line between the dissent establishment in seminaries and chanceries and the sexual abuse of minors.
  • How Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles defends dissent with sophistry and glib denials and deflections
  • How to level criticism of actual documents without bashing their authors.

Read more and watch this episode: https://www.patrickcoffin.media/amorous-leticia-…gay-trojan-horse/

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