#243: How the Bishops Botched COVID — Phil Lawler

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Finally, a courageous Catholic journalist willing to accurately describe the behavior of the world’s bishops during the so-called pandemic. Phil Lawler is a 30-year veteran writer and editor with a long view of recent history, and he has written an outstanding book on the Covid scam from a Catholic perspective, Contagious Faith: Why the Church Must Spread Hope, Not Fear in a Pandemic.

If you have been angered or confused by the actions of Francis in Rome or your local Bishop regarding Covid-19, this will be an eye-opening conversation by an expert commentator on things Catholic and political.

In this Episode You Will Learn
  • The reasons why hope is a far more powerful motivator than fear
  • How the bishops colluded with the State in cutting off Catholics from worship and the sacraments
  • Examples of how the saints confronted actual deadly past pandemics
  • The conflicts that arise when a bishop imposes a law that is canonically unlawful or otherwise objectionable
  • How the anti-church protocols fly in the face of the US Constitution
  • The effects on Catholics when the sacraments are treated as optional or that watching Mass online is an acceptable substitute
  • How the Covid crisis has revealed a massive loss of faith among our leaders
  • How to keep and nurture your relationship with Christ despite weak or compromised episcopal actions
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Watch this episode on our website here: https://www.patrickcoffin.media/how-the-bishops-botched-covid/

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