⚰️"You Only Have 27 Summers Left To Live..."⚰️ | Episode 527

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"I probably only have 27 summers left to live in my life." - Daymond John

When I interviewed Daymond John at PPM LIVE, he brought up that point, and my perspective on time and life COMPLETELY changed. Last Friday, my son - Harry wanted to do something, but I was tired after a work day...

... I remember what Daymond said and thought "I probably only have 4 more autumns left before he's 'too cool' to hang out with his dad", so i got up and had an amazing night with my son. No regrets.

only 4 more autumns...

Summers, Autumns, Christmases, they are all limited to make memories and spend time with loved ones.

How will you spend the X amount you have left?

In this podcast, Derrick Hines and I talk about Daymond's interview at PPM Live.

To watch the full interview head over to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9yL9suW9pE&t=1s

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