"Permission GRANTED" | Episode 543

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What's your dream???
Actually think about it... visualize it.
Now that you've thought about your averaged sized dream Go BIGGER.
... because you've always stopped at what you THINK is realistic.
I'm giving you permission to let yourself dream bigger...
Everything I have done up to this point was because I always dreamed big.
The dream is allowed to change. It's your dream.
It was the belief in myself that helped me think big and accomplish what I needed to build this universe of businesses - Planet Paul.
If you surround yourself with the right people, listen to what you are being told, and make good decisions, then anything that you want to achieve is possible...
At the end of the day, remind yourself why you are building this business to begin with.
For me, it's because...
... I want to live the life I WANT TO LIVE.
For me, the life I wanted to live looked like building a team that could take care of the business that I worked hard to build, (and them TRUSTING them to do it) and ultimately STEPPING AWAY from the day-to-day of the business, so I have more time to be with my family and be present with my sons as grow up.
Check out this podcast only if you want to start living the life you want...

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