"I Am Not Taking Part In This Game" | Episode 541

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In 2023, make it your sole mission to be exempt from the miserable conversations that people around you are having about things that they'll still be moaning about this time next year.

The problem with them talking about "how difficult life is", is that it does nothing to consider the FACT that what is difficult for one person is EASY for another.

I find getting out of bed or reading a book quite easy. It appears that most of the world thinks both to be hard.

If you're not careful, you end up sucked into all of this madness.

It's a timely reminder to switch off from all of the crap and hype that is being piddled around you - wherever you live - and get on with doing everything you can to make sure that those negative conversations NEVER make their way into your house.

In this episode, I talk about not playing the game of being miserable. It will make you more successful as a business owner.

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