#20 What is Auditory Processing?

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Auditory processing is a cognitive skill that allows us to interpret and find meaning from sounds in our environment. In other words, it is how we make sense of what we hear.

In this podcast, we will review ten types of auditory processing and will discuss the importance of each skill for early literacy and learning at large.

What does this have to do with executive functioning? If we are not properly interpreting and making sense of the sounds in our environment we are not able to provide our executive functions with the needed information.

- Auditory discrimination: the ability to distinguish between sounds that are similar but are distinct.

- Auditory closure: the ability to understand words when some sounds or phonemes are missing.

- Auditory figure-ground: the ability to focus on specific sounds in noisy environments.

- Auditory synthesis: the ability to pull together sounds into a meaningful whole.

- Auditory memory: the ability to recall information that is presented orally.

- Auditory sequencing: the ability to understand and recall the specific order of sounds and words.

- Auditory reasoning: the ability to understand auditory information in a logical way and to draw conclusions.

- Auditory conceptualization: the ability to interpret a sound or sounds.

- Auditory attention: the ability to filter out unnecessary sounds, as well as sustain and shift attention when focusing on sounds.

- Auditory localization: the ability to determine the source and location of a sound.


An Auditory Processing Workshop: https://bit.ly/3Hu5eg8

Auditory Processing Activities: https://bit.ly/3K9A2Vr

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