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Some ace questions and topics from this week, including;

  • How to get the best use out of Google business?
  • How would you deal with someone haggling over the price of your service when you feel guilty because you know they are a great fit?
  • How would you manage enquiries that come in once I’ve run out of spaces? In process of dropping shifts so will be able to take them on soon but don’t want to waste their initial motivation by having them wait. Have consult anyway then nurture or wait until the spaces are available?
  • How many times should follow up to a lead? Like every month or week
  • Top tips for a free challenge. I’m thinking 7 day, simple as possible. Either workouts using the app as a trial or a step challenge.
  • How can I enhance my higher priced packages, what else can I offer?
  • how to find your feet again after time off work?
  • "Please just talk me through a basic onboard process for online coaching - STEP 1 They have DM'd me.....Final Step they on all set up and good to go. I feel I'm missing an information pack to inform leads what online coaching is and how it works which I guess would come before my Coaching Enquiry Form at the start. I also have a Pre Consult Form, then book a Consultation Call, them sign them up and then I drip feed them more info like my welcome pack, how to set up myfitnesspal, calorie guide, how to video links etc
  • Best ways to go about adapting programs when the gym is busy and you struggle to get on what you have planned.
  • Do you think we as PTs focus too much on social media marketing and not enough on retention and delivering value to current clients?
  • Please advise what the 'SPUR' response was for replying to msgs (can only find references to cowboy boots and football club teams on Google(!). Thanks

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