Episode 14: Orgy's "Candyass", or Murder Bryan's Opus

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It's an album that Bryan has wanted to do since Day 1 of the show, and the day has finally come, as Jordan Uhl donated enough money to make it so! It's a classic POD Kast episode in that we talk a lot about the music, but we are just as fascinated with the band, as Orgy were another insane nu-metal story, from their inception to their eventual, extremely messy demise.

For an album that was released right in nu-metal's peak and was the first release on Jonathan Davis' album Elementree, it is really an outlier in the genre, one that managed to take the sad-mope 80s new wave and combine it with nu-metal into one sleek package. The music itself is pretty good, John decides (obviously Bryan loves it), but doing some research into the band reveals conflicting feelings for the Boys. We learn all about the band's take on why they wore makeup, why Jay Gordon gave up football to become a singer, why they broke up, and how Jay Gordon made money off of fellow band Lit. We also discuss Bryan's detailed history with this record, from loving it when it was originally released to the role that the song "Revival" played in his marriage. And for a little bit of bonus content, we do a mini-review of Deftones' new record, Ohms.

If you want more bonus content, you can head on over to https://patreon.com/thepodkast, where $4/month gets you access to a bonus episode every month. We tend to review compilations and rarities over there, and this past month was no exception, as we reviewed the Mission:Impossible 2 soundtrack with Jesse Farrar of Your Kickstarter Sucks. It was a wild look into music in the year 2000, with the album straddling the line between the impending death of nu-metal and the beginning of the butt-rock revival. We've got another huge bonus episode planned this month and Bryan and John's podcast co-hosts Brett and Stefan are gonna join them for Korn: Unplugged. You won't wanna miss it!

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