Episode 18: Limp Bizkit's "Gold Cobra", or a Greatest Hits Album With New Songs

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An episode that was almost entirely influenced by the listeners saying how good this album is, Bryan and John go back and revisit Limp Bizkit's last album, their 2011 effort "Gold Cobra", and find that Limp Bizkit were still pretty good ten years past their prime. We take a look at how Limp Bizkit's earlier hits definitely influenced some of the songs we find here, and come to the realization that even when Fred is trying really hard, he still just isn't all that good at writing lyrics. We also dig into a very interesting interview with Wes defending Fred and further discuss how he's most certainly the best guitarist in nu-metal history. And finally, we take Fred to task for his assertion that 90% of the people at Limp Bizkit shows are women.

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