Episode 25: Powerman 5000's "Tonight the Stars Revolt!", or An Alien Concept

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It's an album that contains multitudes this month, as the storylines are aplenty around PM5K's breakthrough album. The lead singer is Rob Zombie's brother. He's obsessed with science fiction (or so he says). The album contains almost no emotion whatsoever in a genre known for its ability to capture the feelings of youth. It's supposedly a loose concept album, but there doesn't seem to be a concept other than vague lyrics about space and martians. Simply put, there's a lot going on and we tackle it all, from their breakthrough on the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack and an early Ozzfest album, to Spider-One's perplexing interviews that paint a picture of a guy who might not be all that into science fiction after all, especially for a guy who never stops talking about it. This is also our two-year anniversary show, and we reflect a little bit on what has changed in the nu-metal landscape since we started in 2019 and how the podcast has meant a lot to the both of us.

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