Where Can Dumbledore Go From Here?

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In this episode, we discuss where Dumbledore can go from here. Enjoy!
· 2:14 Where are we starting from? As of now, Grindelwald is on the run, and most of our main characters are together again. Credence is on the way out with Aberforth by his side. At this point, the dynamic of the fight against Grindelwald shifting. Now they’re chasing Grindelwald and have a very good reason to catch him. Dumbledore must form a set of solid relationships to carry the cause of good through the war.

· 8:17 Speaking of relationships, which characters will Dumbledore form these key relationships with? Newt is a no brainer, being a major character. Tina is less of a possibility because she hasn’t been playing a large role so far. Queenie is in a similar boat to Tina. Lally is more of a wild card. We don’t know her character as well as we know others, so including her in the film will be a risk, but a risk that I think it worth taking.

· 13:56 Will the story move fast or slow? If there are four films, there are several routes the film could go. We’ll either move very quickly through the story to get to 1945 where the story ends, or we’ll just skip every element of the story until said end. I would be happy with either of these. However, it would be very disappointing to just a brief recap lasting only a couple minutes to get us to the later years of the story. A less likely route would be the fourth film to be picked up right where Secrets of Dumbledore ended, as the time in which the war is beginning, and ending is one of the calmest points before the stormiest storm in history and would be a very interesting point to see from the wizarding perspective.

· 22:39 What will Dumbledore focus on in the fourth film and will Newt play a role in quest? Let’s begin with the first question. Firstly, Dumbledore is going to look for Grindelwald of course. The next thing he is going to do is gather a form of the Order of the Phoenix. If that’s what Dumbledore did in the later books, why change his strategy? He is going to find people who will support him and defend the good.
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