S4 E13: Break the bias series – Male Gender Champions feat. Richard Pickard, Paul Christopher, Caius Datt and Max Abimbola

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We are all looking to make a difference but all too often, we do not realise the impact we have made.
Brought to you by The Austen Bronte Consultancy, 'The Power of Privilege and Allyship' podcast showcases the positive impact of using privilege to maximise allyship and transform lives.
In this episode, Dr. Funke Abimbola (CEO and Founder of The Austen Bronte Consultancy) interviews four exceptional male gender champions:

- Richard Pickard (CEO, Inclusive Search)

- Paul Christopher (Managing Partner for offshore law firm Mourant's Hong Kong office)

- Max Abimbola (first year Computer Science student, Newcastle University)

- Caius Datt (first year Law student, Exeter University)

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- Caius Datt - https://www.linkedin.com/in/caius-datt-446526197/
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