BEST OF #thePOZcast: Grant Cardone: Stripped of Everything on Undercover Billionaire- Founder of the 10X Movement (E131)

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Manage episode 318368855 series 2953789
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1:58 – First Day of Shooting
3:08 – Feeling after getting off the plane
4:11 – From Everything to Nothing
4:44 – The Thing that was missed the most
5:40 – 10 Million Dollar Business
6:08 – All about Flex
7:20 – Appreciate most after the show
8:05 – Being a Girl-Dad
8:42 – Takeaway Lessons for Daughter
9:24 – What people don’t know about Grant?
11:23 – Never Waste a Hater
13:20 – Golden Secret to Successful Marriage
15:54 – Greatest Piece of Advice
16:41 – Grant’s North Star

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