Jim Brain - The California Native. VP of Preconstruction with Reaume Richardson who revitalize cityscapes throught California

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Gareth our host caught up with Jim Brain, VP of Preconstruction for Reaume Richardson in Pasadena, California, Jim is a California native with extensive experience across multiple sectors in California. During this episode, Jim discussed: - Reaume Richardson's track record in revitalizing cityscapes throughout California - Hyper Inflation: His experience in the early 2000s looks slightly similar. How that worked out - Preconstruction Technology - Lack of resources within subcontractors and Preconstruction & Estimating teams - How he recruits, retains and develops staff - The challenges of Adaptive reuse projects You can connect with Jim on LinkedIn using the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-brain-0b837313/ Jim's email: jim@reaumerichardson.com Oh and we discuss much much more :-) Please if you enjoy this video please like, subscribe, and share it with your friends, peers, or colleagues. If you know any Preconstruction professionals that would be interested in coming onto the Preconstruction Podcast please reach out to us directly at info@nichessp.com Enjoy! Preconstruction DATA Estimator Estimating Construction Preconstruction Building Information Modelling BIM VDC Virtual Design Construction Commercial Construction Estimators Preconstruction Managers Design & Build Pasadena, California Niche Specialist Staffing Partners Niche SSP Jim Brain Reaume Richardson Gareth McGlynn

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