Coffee and Tea with Aeson and Dottie

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Join these two psychics as we set down and enjoy a cup of tea with a little bit of spice and talk

Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years, a certified clairvoyant, and a certified life coach who advises a diverse clientele from average housewives to government officials worldwide. Aeson

Dottie the Psychic is a fortune teller with over 25 years of experience whose magical gifts have allowed her to assist people in figuring out their lives and navigating their spiritual concerns. While having your life on display during a reading, which varies drastically from person to person, maybe unnerving, it is always enlightening. Each reading connects Dottie to the universe, part spiritual practice, and part opportunity to change people’s lives with guidance, support, and connection to a higher power.

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Colorful words may be used. don't be alarmed.

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