Show #478 - Jett Lawrence, Davey Coombs, Phil Nicoletti, Denny Stephenson with Charles Castloo and Paul Perebijnos In-Studio

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Manage episode 302240106 series 2213
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Jett Lawrence secured the 250MX National Championship in the final Moto at Hangtown and he joins us to talk about the special moment. DC is always a great guest and he comes on to talk about the 2021 National MX series and how he feels it went. Also touching on the catastrophe at LL following the Waverly flood. Filthy Phil is on for his weekly segment provided by DBO has been a hard target to attain on the show the last few time but we have him tonight to hit on the MXdN and other pressing issues. Charles Castloo and Paul Perebijnos are in studio.

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