Life Episode 27: A Girl Called Zebra

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For this week's episode of Life, I've teamed up with Brad and Betsy Peterson from to bring you a story about feelings. Recognizing and understanding our emotions helps us better empathize with those around us. Brad and Betsy have started a company that creates games and books that help kids and families share their feelings. They are offering our listeners a 30% discount when you use the promo code "feelings" at checkout. So visit to support their cause! Our family really enjoyed their Animal Chat Game and their new book, "Happy Puppy, Angry Tiger".

In this episode, a special girl from the planet Blander5 finds that her power to glow feelings is at odds with her people's strict code of not expressing emotion. But when she hears that there's a Feeling Crystal somewhere on the planet, she sets off on a quest that will ultimately help her better understand her superpower and its effect on those around her.

Huge thank you to Betsy Peterson from Brighter Fun for her awesome artwork!

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