Profitability of In-House vs Third-Party Fulfillment (and the Actual Cost of Running Out of Inventory!)

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Cole South is the Co-founder of SDDC Goods, an e-commerce business that focuses on building profitable and marketable brands from the ground up. As part of two brands — BirdRock Baby and Gold BJJ — Cole has gained valuable experience, from maintaining multiple inventories to the market of cryptocurrencies. His passion for innovation allowed him to create Synchronize, a software tool designed for e-commerce businesses that helps streamline catalog management and sales predictions.

In this episode…

Successfully managing a product inventory is all about having a stable process in place and a reliable framework that could maintain the momentum of a business. But what happens when the inventory runs out?

According to Cole South, mismanaging inventory could be costly for a business, however, completely running out could be catastrophic. Fixing such an issue would not only cost substantially more, but it often takes time, which, for an online business, is of the utmost importance. Cole, however, has developed a system for success that integrates e-commerce and inventory data across multiple platforms to help you keep track of your available catalog. That way, your e-commerce business is free to focus more on profitability and growth.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley welcomes Cole South, a professional poker player turned successful entrepreneur. They talk about overcoming the different challenges of keeping a stable product inventory, maintaining shipment timeframes, understanding in-house and third-party warehouse costs, and how to tie all that up into e-commerce profitability.

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