A Podcast For Introverts: Quiet Achievers Who Want To Become Quiet Warriors

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Welcome to the Quiet Warrior Podcast. I'm your host, Serena Low and I help quiet achievers become quiet warriors.

Are you an introvert who is tired of being told all the time that you are too quiet and need to speak up? Do you struggle to be heard during meetings because you keep getting talked over? Do you feel your professional contributions are unseen or undervalued because you aren't as confident or outspoken as the others?

Join us at the Quiet Warrior Podcast, where we talk about the frustration, anxiety and angst around how introverts are perceived and received in an extrovert biased culture and workplace.
Tune in to hear all of the ways you can use your quiet strengths to thrive in a noisy world and contribute in your own authentic way.

This episode was edited by Aura House Productions

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