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Here is SHOW #66 - CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF RACE & ETHNIC RELATIONS ON CAMPUS BOOK. In this show, I CELEBRATE the publication of my 2018 book entitled, "Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus: Understanding, Empowerment, and Solutions for College Students." It is a book that I am most proud of because so many college students are embracing and taking the time to discuss these serious race and ethnic relations issues. It is an academic topic that still gets overlooked because of the sensitivity of the topics yet it is a topic that TODAY'S college students are desperately wanting to discuss and DEBATE. This book provides the foundation, direction and momentum to take race and ethnic relations issues to a DEEPER LEVEL. In this podcast, I also highlight the chapters and give you the major reasons why I wrote this book some 4 years ago. Interestingly, many of the issues in this book relate directly to events and issues today in 2022 AND beyond! After listening to this CELEBRATORY podcast, send me your thoughts about my book at: OR As always, take the time to get to know others who look different than you so that each and everyone of us can help SOLVE many of the challenging issues related to race and ethnic relations in our communities, our state, our country, and our world! PEACE OUT!

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