Olympic Tennis is Over; The Djokovic Hate is Not

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Tennis at the Tokyo Olympics is in the books, and the biggest story was perhaps not Djokovic being unsuccessful in his quest for the Golden Slam... but how it devolved.

An interview after his third round victory where he was asked about his handling of pressure in light of Simone Biles withdrawal from multiple gymnastics events led to a traditional media and social media hate barrage. It was only further amplified by his less than sportsmanlike conduct on court in his two consecutive loses, leaving him without a medal in singles... oh, and denying his mixed doubles partner Nina Stojanovic a medal after withdrawing from the bronze medal match, citing a shoulder injury.

With Djokovic's comments seemingly taken out of context, is the hate warranted, or is this the umpteenth sequel with the same loathed villain that feels good to non-Djoko fans?

The guys unpack all of it, and celebrate the Olympic champions, medalists and other highlights from Tokyo 2020.


APOLOGIES for the slight background noise in this week's episode.

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