FreedomFest 2021 - Part 1

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Without freedom, there would be no wealth. And most people want to build and protect wealth to enhance their freedom. Wealth and freedom go hand in hand. That’s one of the main reasons we attend FreedomFest each year … It's an event produced by our friend and Summit faculty alumnus Mark Skousen that bills itself as the world’s largest gathering of free minds ... and we agree. FreedomFest is also where we’ve met many of our big-brained friends ... deepened our understanding of economics … and discovered the important intersection between personal prosperity, property rights, and public policy. FreedomFest brings together a lot of people who disagree about a lot of things … but they share the common goal of promoting more personal health, wealth, and freedom. So listen in to this episode, as we come to you from FreedomFest 2021 with a handful of fascinating interviews on all sorts of eye-opening topics … and a boots-on-the-ground update on the South Dakota real estate market. Visit our Special Reports Library under Resources at

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