Anthony Caputi, Sales Recruiter

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@AnthonyCaputi -- LINKEDIN: Working on retainer, I provide a consultative approach to recruiting. Consider what could take your job satisfaction, professional growth and impact on a business to the next level? ★ A company with a different vision and strategy? ★ A better manager and workplace culture? ★ A role with objectives that fit you better? Perhaps it's time to explore a new avenue. Here's how we can work together in three simple steps: ➀ We're going to have a call where we assess your job situation and professional goals. ➁ If it makes sense, we’ll have a conversation to explore the fit of a particular job opportunity. ➂ If everything looks good, I will guide you through a company’s hiring process. When people who are competent, compatible and complementary join together, everybody wins. If it's important to be in a role and on a team that enables you to achieve your best results, let's talk.

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