Founders Focus - Ep26 - Up close and personal with Markellos Diorinos CEO of Bryq

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Founders Focus is the show where we get up close and personal with the leaders of the businesses changing the way we work today Next up is Markellos Diorinos, CEO of Bryq - Is Product the best training for being a CEO of Product based business? - What do you learn in being a PM that you is useful as a CEO? - What is missing from a PM career path? - When did you realise you wanted to run a company? - When did you realise that Bryq was going to be a thing? - What do you do well as a business leader? - Can you remember a moment when you thought, this isn't happening? How did you cope? - What mental health regime do you practice? - Do you feel a CEO has to lead on values? - What are your theories on balancing diversity of views with group cohesion? - What exciting things can customers expect from Bryq this year? All this and more as we take a deep dive into the business leaders building the technology changing the way we work today. Ep26 of Founders Focus is supported by Bryq

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