Amanda Walla: The Reflex Blue Show #223

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Amanda Walla: The Reflex Blue Show #223

Omaha designer and illustrator Amanda Walla stopped by The Reflex Blue Show to talk about what got her into lettering, and the 100 day challenge she did. Well, we do talk about this at first, but the real reason she stopped by was to talk about Star Wars. Amanda is part of the Duel of the Ranks podcast that, well, ranks all of the Star Wars media against itself. With The Book of Boba Fett halfway through airing, it’s obviously the right time to discuss all things Fett. Sure, waiting until the series is over makes more sense, but why would we want to let that get in the way of talking first and thinking second?

This does make me feel a bit old though…I have seen every live-action Star Wars movie in the theater, and in its original run. On the first though, I was too young to remember that viewing, but I do remember my Grandma taking me again when it was re-released before Empire, which is the best of them all, or at least in my rankings. Out of all of the original Star Wars toys I had (and by that, I mean 1977-1984ish), Boba Fett and Yoda are the only ones I never parted with. Not sure why Yoda made the cut, maybe he was too small and slipped through a purge? Boba Fett I kept, well, because he was cooler than all of the other figures combined.

Also, thanks goes out to Connor Strange, a soon to be graduating graphic designer from Lincoln, Nebraska for co-hosting this episode.



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