The Richard Syrett Show - Aug 10, 2022 - New Provincial Budget, Toronto Mayoral Candidate Blake Acton, & Taxpayers Disappointed with Speech

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Jim Karahalios, leader of the New Blue Party of Ontario reacts to the provincial budget. The founder of, Tony Heller discusses Australia’s Great Barrier Reef being the healthiest it’s been in 36 years & the rich world’s message to the poor. Then politician & candidate for Toronto mayor, Blake Acton talks about his campaign and platform.
Jay Goldberg, Ontario director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation brings up how taxpayers are disappointed with the Ford government’s throne speech and budget. Then host of the “Quiggin Report” podcast, Tom Quiggin weighs in on an Ottawa police detective who is facing misconduct charges for allegedly seeking links between COVID vaccines and child deaths.

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