Episode 1344: The Richie Allen Show Wednesday October 6th 2021

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Richie is joined by Michelle Madrid and Shelley Tasker.
Michelle Madrid represents Madres De La Glorieta, a group of parents in Murcia, Spain, who are fighting for their children's right NOT to be forced to wear a mask in school. Michelle tells Richie that children are forced to wear masks in classrooms, at play outside and while in physical education classes. It gets worse too, as Michelle explains to Richie.
Shelley Tasker is an activist and broadcaster who has been on The Richie Allen Show several times in the past 18 months. Back in August, Shelley's father Graham Hart, was sentenced to 32 months in prison for using antisemitic language and racial slurs on his live radio show. Shelley discusses the impact of this on her and her family, Graham's case, his wellbeing and the implications of the verdict for free speech in the UK.

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