Episode 1349: The Richie Allen Show Monday October 18th 2021

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Richie is joined by Anjem Choudary and Country Music sensation Blind Joe.
Conservative Party MP Sir David Amess was murdered last Friday. The Sun Newspaper claimed today, that the man accused of the murder, was in part, radicalised by the British Islamist Anjem Choudary. Richie discusses this and much more in a robust but respectful debate with Anjem.
Blind Joe is a terrific singer-songwriter from North Dakota. Joe is based in Nashville. Joe won a lot of fans when he appeared on The Voice a few years ago. His anti-lockdown song "I Will Not Comply" has gone viral. It has been played and downloaded millions of times. Joe discusses his brilliant song, growing up blind, how his grandfather helped teach him guitar, beating the bottle, touring with the love of his life, dealing with the covid madness and much more. Joe is a tonic.
Visit www.blindjoe.com

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