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Bomani Jones reacts to the Warriors being on the brink of returning to the NBA Finals over the Mavericks, and how Heat F Jimmy Butler’s injury changes his squad's chances against the Celtics (0:54). Plus, MLB is reportedly investigating a 'disrespectful' comment Yankees' 3B Josh Donaldson made to SS Tim Anderson of the White Sox (14:56), an IYHH including issues with Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover (26:46), and your voicemails from when you had to “bring it home”(42:14)!

IYHH Stories

  1. @faizsays on Elon Musk saying deal can’t ‘move forward’ until Twitter proves bot numbers:
  2. @ScottNover & @CamilleSquires say Miami’s mayor backed MiamiCoin crypto—then its price dropped 95%:
  3. @thatsjohnnyfrank says Delaware State University to file a complaint with DOJ after bus search incident:

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