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Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on whether or not legislating the “hard foul” out of the NBA has actually made the product we are seeing in the postseason worse (0:52), as well as why he’s skeptical of Formula 1’s long-term attractiveness to fans in the United States (12:53). Plus, an IYHH including a second year of lost population for the state of California in a row after a century of growth (26:05), and your voicemails from that time mom "came up" to the school because you were "acting up" (35:43)!

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IYHH Stories

  1. @SarahM_Jackson shares a 100-year-old man has broken the Guinness world record for the longest time employed at the same company:
  2. @dustingardiner says California lost population for the second year in a row after a century of growth…What’s happening?:
  3. Citi says a trader error caused Europe’s ‘flash crash’:

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